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Fieldstone is tucked in a meadow on the edge of Rangeley Village. Just a half a mile from the local beach. Ice-cream, restaurants, trails, hiking,  biking, snowmobiling.

Rangeley Maine
Rangeley Maine
Rangeley Maine
Rangeley Maine
Rangeley Maine
Rangeley Maine

The Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Byway is a 35.6 mile


 Identify common Maine animals. Follow this link to download a printable version of Maine Animal Tracks:


We have compiled a list of 12 hiking & walking trails in the Rangeley Lakes Region for you to check out. 

  1. Bald Mountain  

  2. Bemis - Height of Land

  3. Bonny Point Trail

  4. Cascade Stream Gorge Trails, 

  5. Cupsuptic Lake Park

  6. Forest Legacy

  7. Hatchery Brook Preserve

  8. Hunter Cove Wildlife Sanctuary

  9. Rangeley River

  10. Rapid River

  11. South Bog

  12. Maineland and Students Island 

The hiking & walking trails listed above vary in ____ and distance. Follow this link to choose which Rangeley Lakes Region trail is the best fit for you! 

"Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust (RLHT) has conserved 13,650 acres of land including 50 miles of lake and river frontage, 15 islands and the majestic 2,443 foot Bald Mountain, all in the Rangeley Lakes Region."  ~RLHT



Check out the condition of over 30 snowmobile trails in the Rangeley, Maine area.

Tips for Snowmobiling:


Forestry, Art, Fishing, Logging and more. Follow this link to see local Museum details:

Maine Forestry Musem:

2018 Season: Admission __

Open Season:  mid June - start of October 

Wednesday - Sunday, 10-4, and by appointment

Address: 221 Stratton Road, Rangeley, ME 04970

Phone: (207) 864-3939


"The Maine Forestry Museum offers history into Logging and culture." 

Rangeley History Musem:

Admission Free

Open Season: end of June - start of October

Address: 2472 Main St, Rangeley, ME 04970

Phone: (207) 864-5647


"Operated by the Rangeley Lakes Region Historical Society, with a mission: to discover, identify, collect, preserve and interpret artifacts,  printed material and original historical records which document the history and traditions of the region and its people."

*note: Rangeley Lakes Historical Society shares one calendar of events for Rangeley History Museum & Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum

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